New Loyalty Program

New Loyalty Program

Oct 26, 2023

Premium Points is Premium Label Outlet’s new loyalty program! For every $1 spent you will automatically earn 100 points on that purchase. No exclusions on regular pricing, sale pricing, etc. All purchases earn points.

Customers will earn 5% of their purchases back in points. So, for every $100 spent in the store, customers have earned $5 in rewards. Please note that you must redeem in intervals of $10. 20,000 points = $10 reward, 40,000 points = $20 reward, etc. 

How to register. There are multiple ways to register for Premium Points:

  1. Premium Label Outlet employee’s can do it for you in the store at the time of purchase
  2. Download the app by searching Kangaroo Rewards
  3. Online at

Ways to earn points. There are multiple ways to earn points.

  1. Purchases. Every $1 spent = 100 points. Customers earn at a 5% rate.
  2. Birthday reward. When a Premium Points customers shops on their birthday they will receive double the points. Valid 1 week before and 1 week after their birthdate.
  3. Social media follows. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to earn 100 points for each page.
  4. Customers can share a referral link with their friends and family. If the referred customer makes a purchase within 30 days of being referred than both the referrer and the referred will earn 250 points
  5. At certain points of the year we will offer 2x point promotions. There will also be draws for bonus points and other promotional programs. 

Sign-up today to start earning points on all Premium Label purchases. We're excited to offer this new program to our amazing customers!

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